Does Your Business Card Sparkle?

Posted by Evelyn on January 18, 2016

I realize most cards don't actually sparkle and really, they don't need to be bedazzled or anything but does your card stand out among the crowd?

Does it present a professional image people will remember? Your business card is probably the most important part of your marketing plan so here are 5 tips on creating some “sparkle” vectorstock_672219.jpgon your business card.

1. Font size and style

Nothing annoys me more than a small font. Yes it could be because my eyes are old and soon I will need reading glasses but a 6pt font size on a business card is way too small, no matter how good your eyes are. Typically font size should be between 8 and 12pts. The style of your font should be consistent. Stick with one or two and play around with the styles. Having too many fonts in any design is distracting --- it may work in other designs but not on a business card that should be precise, professional and appealing.

2. A card that fits your business

If you’re a mechanic you could get away with a simple basic black and white card but if you are a photographer you may want a design that showcases a sample of your work. The design of your card should fit you and your business.

3. Add a splash of colour

Whether the added colour is a photo of you, a photo of your work, an abstract piece of artwork or just adding a different colour to text or to the background of your card, having a bit of colour adds to the presentation of the card.


4. Include your email address

I have seen business cards that don’t include an email address. Yes I’m sure I can get it from the website  ( which is on the card thankfully) but let’s face it. I'm lazy.  If your email address is missing, you could miss out on some business. If space allows  you could also include your social media addresses. ( But keep in mind, you don’t want a cluttered card)


5. Choose the right card stock

I recently went through this with a client. Her previous printing job was on card stock that was too thin. She's a mortgage broker who wanted a thicker card, more like a 14pt as opposed to the 11pt. It took some research on my part to find a printer in my area that could print the thicker card. Once we connected and got the job done, my client was very happy with the card stock choice.


These are just a few tips on making your business card “sparkle”. If you have other suggestions, please share in the comments below. In the meantime, if you have any questions about your marketing material, I do offer a FREE 30 minute consultation. Please contact me to book a time!

Posted by Cheryl Hughes on
Great tips Evelyn! Thanks for sharing. I would add that I love to see a picture of the person on the card.Preferably a current one :) I notice a lot of websites where the pictures must be about 20 years old!
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